Open Skips

London Skip Fabrication have created a proud reputation for the all round performance of this essential product. Bespoke specials and custom sizes are available to order. Durability is second to none and our skips are built to last. Large stocks held for immediate availability. 

Sizes 2-16 yards

Green single end tip skip

Single End Tip Skips

These specialized skips offer increased capacity compared to open skips due to their design and shape. They are perfect for both domestic and commercial use, suitable for taking a range of general waste and recycling material types including heavy and bulky material from construction and demolition operations. 

Sizes 8-16 yards

Enclosed Skips

Enclosed skips can be locked to prevent unwanted access or spillages, it’s the perfect container for making sure those bulky items of waste are stored safely and securely. These items include a range of general waste and recycling material types including heavy and bulky materials, inert materials from construction and demolition operations, dry non-hazardous wastes and excavated soils. Lids can be manufactured from plastic or steel.

Sizes 6-16 yards

Skip Size

2 CYD1778 mm  (70 inches)1092 mm  (43 inches)914 mm  (36 inches)
4 CYD2540 mm  (100 inches)1372 mm  (54 inches)1016 mm  (40 inches)
6 CYD3200 mm  (126 inches)1600 mm  (63 inches)1016 mm  (40 inches)
8 CYD3251 mm  (128 inches)1600 mm  (63 inches)1270 mm  (50 inches)
10 CYD3251 mm  (128 inches)1600 mm  (63 inches)1524 mm  (60 inches)
12 CYD3860 mm  (152 inches)1676 mm  (66 inches)1829 mm  (72 inches)
14 CYD4216 mm  (166 inches)1076 mm  (66 inches)1829 mm  (72 inches)
16 CYD4216 mm  (166 inches)1676 mm  (66 inches)2057 mm  (81 inches)

*Exact measurements may vary

Standard Specification

  • Skips are suited to standard lifting equipment
  • Fully welded external seams and stitched channels
  • Double 76 x 38mm RSC bracing rails (from 6 CYD)
  • Forged lifting lugs
  • Short corner gussets
  • Can be scow end or flat top
  • Twin rail, double/single tip
  • Wraparound corners
  • Standard tip bars
  • Spray painted – up to 2 Standard RAL Colours
  • Marker Boards and Protective edges
  • Drain Holes
  • Stacking Blocks

Optional Extras

  • Proof Load Testing
  • Drop Door (4-10 CYD)
  • Inside Primer
  • Full length Gusset
  • Rope Hooks
  • Stencils 
  • Inset Tip Bar
  • Weld numbers
  • Floor support / strengtheners
  • Non standard RAL colours
  • Bespoke skips 
  • Delivery

Skip Proof Load Testing can be carried out on request.